The Seventh Laurel Hill Invitational Beer Fest

Saturday, May 3, 2003

28 Beers judged by a jury of twelve

Winner receives the
Laurel Circle Award

Loser receives the
Wet Mole Award

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Beer Score Card
NameStyle CommentsTotal
BaltikaDarkClimbs over the teeth3.41
Berkshire Brewing Co.Raspberry Strong AleSoda-like3.04
Berkshire Brewing Co.Maibock Lager2.68
Berkshire Brewing Co.Cabin Fever AleLike a winter ale3.29
Berkshire Brewing Co.Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale2.53
Berkshire Brewing Co.Black & TanNo extremes2.81
Berkshire Brewing Co.Drayman's PorterCreamy3.26
Berkshire Brewing Co.Coffeehouse PorterComplex, aromatic2.99
Concord BrewersPale AleSaliva producing2.14
Concord BrewersIPAWMA 2nd: 1.23
Concord BrewersPorter2.81
FederationNorthumbrian Brown AleSoggy cardboard2.25
Hambleton AlesNightmare Yorkshire PorterFlavorful,2.85
Heather Ale Ltd.Grozet Gooseberry & Wheat AleUnbeer/AntisepticWMA 3rd: 1.61
Heather Ale Ltd.Kelpie Seaweed AleVery smokey2.93
Lion BreweryStegmaier PorterLCA 3rd: 3.5
Melbourne Bros.Strawberry3.43
Orkney BreweryDark IslandMetallic2.35
RogueDead Guy Ale2.44
RogueOld Crustacean BarleywineShivers down the spineWMA 1st: .375
RogueShakespeare Stout2.9
RogueHazelnut Brown NectarVanilla up front, sip it!LCA 2nd: 3.78
RogueChocolate StoutDecadentLCA 1st: 3.845
RogueBuckwheat Ale2.69
Saku BreweryEstonian Porter2.64
Salkopian BreweryEntire Butt English Porter2.6
Young'sOld Nick Barley WineDevilish2.92
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